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McDonald's Corporate Employee & Franchise Owner Services

Our independent firm has been providing financial consulting services to McDonald's employees and franchise owners since 1993. We enjoy an excellent professional relationship as a selected financial advisor for the McDonald's Corporation, and we have a comprehensive understanding of the McDonald's philosophy, investment platform, and benefit programs.

In addition to the comprehensive services we offer to all our clients (Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, and Portfolio Management), we provide these exclusive services to our McDonald’s affiliated clients:

McDonald’s Corporate Employee Services

  • Advisement and management of Profit Sharing, Excess, Supplemental, Deferred Bonus (TIP) & CPUP Plans.
  • Development of exit and hedging strategies for Stock Options/RSU.
  • Facilitation fee re-imbursement process for eligible employees.
  • Divorce (QDRO Distributions)
  • Job exiting strategies.
  • Officer Compensation Packages.
  • An overall asset allocation plan, including financials, investments and insurance policies to achieve maximum diversification and tax-efficiency, balancing outside allocations with the MCD fund platform.
  • Cooperation with other professionals, such as attorneys and CPA’s.
  • Review and recommendation of financial changes through semi-annual in-person meetings.

McDonald’s Franchise Owner Services

  • Help in managing income, capital gains, and gift/estate tax impacts.
  • Retirement plans designed specifically for McDonald’s franchises, non-qualified and deferred compensation for key employees.
  • Succession Planning, Outrights, Second-Generation Planning, and Inheritance/Wealth transfer planning.
  • An understanding of your personal balance sheet and cash flow needs, as you move from the sales of your business to a retirement cash flow.
  • Analysis on the funding for retirement, including net worth, life insurance, Long Term Care insurance, and/or government benefits to create a reliable retirement cash flow based on the client’s goals and budget.
  • Estate planning solutions by coordinating with other professionals, such as CPAs and attorneys.

These services provide comprehensive wealth management options for you to utilize as you want, and when you need them. We can provide you with an ongoing analysis of your personal and financial condition and guide you with specific steps to achieve the goals you set.

We are proud supporters of the RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE CHARITIES