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Portfolio Management

Rainey & Randall Investment Management develops and manages portfolios that are customized to your personal needs and goals. With the complexity of today’s marketplace, it is critical for us to understand who you are and what you want to accomplish financially. Our initial meetings with you and the profile questionnaires we have you complete, help us construct a clearer picture of your personal finances, investment return expectations, time horizon, and risk tolerance so that we can develop a successful investment strategy and tailor an asset allocation guideline unique to your investment objectives. 

In meeting with you to discuss your finances and to possibly develop a financial plan, we hope to eliminate much of the guesswork in achieving the security and independence you desire by simplifying your financial alternatives. As a result we will:

  • Define and narrow objectives and investment options
  • Identify areas of great distress
    • Develop strategies for addressing concerns about the future
      • Cultivate a peace of mind
        • Identify your overall economic personality