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Who We Are

Rainey & Randall Investment Management is an independent wealth advisory and investment management firm, established in 1999. Our goal is to grow and preserve our Clients’ net worth. We are proud to base our client relationships on a commitment to addressing their personal needs, the preservation and growth of their wealth, and an increase to their peace of mind.

We have a single-minded focus of surpassing the expectations of our clients through our thorough profiling and planning techniques, clearly defined investment processes, risk-management principles, tax-efficient investments, and experience. We offer financial solutions that stress fiscal responsibility and shrewd planning that do not solely lead to an accumulation of assets, but also to long-term personal well-being and security.

Some of the best advice we could ever offer you is that success, achievement, and contentment in life have little to do with personal wealth but are instead related to lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices are your unique values, life goals, and plans. Therefore the economic solutions we develop, whether portfolio management and/or financial planning, reflect how you define true wealth, not us.